As Easy As Salt and Pepper Policies:

Purpose of Blog:

The purpose of this blog is to make life simpler and simultaneously enjoy cooking, meals, friends and family without to much hassle.  Every now and then, I talk about decorating, home improvement projects and other miscellaneous personal projects.  Sometimes, I will occasionally discuss projects I have to do while being hired to complete a job (either staging a home or a floral arrangement).  I only add these tidbits of information in hopes that this information might be helpful to you!  Let's face it who wants to invite anyone over to our houses if we're not proud of them????  NOT ME!

I  "Love" Comments:

I love comments and emails!  I enjoy talking with readers and don't mind helpful constructive criticism!  Let's face it...none of us are perfect!  However, if any comments are nasty or just plain mean they will be deleted.  Also, any comments intending to advertise or have spam attached will be removed from the site.  The author reserves the right to block all comments and/or individuals who have previously posted any/all unnecessary material.

Copyright Questions:

All recipes, projects, and images on this blog are the sole property of the author of As Easy As Salt and Pepper.  All logos are the property of the owner as well.  You are welcome to link to this blog and discuss its content on your blog/site.  However, no duplication or copying of any content on this blog with out permission from the authors of As Easy As Salt and Pepper is permitted.

Any/all reproducing, republishing or copying information on this site is prohibited.  Copyright pending. 

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