There are so many Detoxes on the market these days, all charging an exorbitant amount of money,  that I decided to blog about the one I have done for years while young and modeling.  This costs nothing more than the usual food you would have to purchase and maybe one basic supplement...I guess maybe two depending on what your vitamin cabinet looks like!  I usually do this detox 2-4 times a year depending on how gross I feel.  If you ALWAYS eat clean then this isn't needed.  Otherwise, get with the program and clean out that body.
  I read about this particular Detox some years ago, out of a Lifetime magazine and have tossed the article out long ago.  So... this might be a little different, but it works wonders if you follow some of the basic Detox rules.
  Another thought that has crossed my mind is...  Just maybe the good thing that could come from purchasing one of those expensive Detoxes that I referred to in the paragraph above is, accountability.  When I thought about this, I was almost tempted not to go any further with this page!  But, really if you know me at all... you know that wouldn't happen!  I always have frugality on my mind.  Thought all of us, including myself, could benefit from putting this down in writing.
  Also, with this Detox, I decided I should make up some of my own recipes, to coincide with the rules of what you can eat.  This of course would give me another challenge.  Once again...we all know how much I love a challenge!   Typically, with Detox programs, recipes are not what accompanies them.  It's usually a list of all the things you CAN'T eat.  Oh...don't worry I'll give you that too, (you can laugh now)! 

After you have finished the Detox, usually you have only lost 10lbs or so.  I found if you move into an advanced stage of only eating "Highly Beneficial" foods from your blood type list and also watching the caloric intake you can make changes in your body quickly and further your weight loss goals.   If you want information for this just send me and email or message me below.
     This isn't easy but, once you get into the habit of doing it becomes my Grandma used to say, "Nothing good happens if its easy, you need things to be difficult to reach goals"!  SO...LET"S GO!  Start with the detox below and then move on to a blood type diet, if you're up for a challenge!  If you need help, I can help with meal plans... just leave me a message on one of my posts and we can exchange email addresses!  Good Luck! 

  Somethings you should know before doing a Detox are:
1) You are pregnant or nursing
2) Are recovering from an injury or ill
3) Have diabetes, or any other diseases.
4) Have a history of eating disorders
5) Also, Consult your Dr. first.  Especially, if your on any medications.  Doing a detox could change how the medications react in your body.  It's always better to be safe than sorry!

1) Experiencing acne and constant breakouts.
2) Feel bloated, have gas more than normal.
3) Feel tired all the time.
4) Feel as though your body has an offensive odor.
5) Seem to have many colds and coughs.
6) Seem to have weight gain even while controlling food intake.
7) Your Dr. gives you the green light.

During the DETOX the items you can't eat are:
* Any artificial sweeteners, regular sugar, honey or syrup
*No wheat or gluten products...NO BREADS
* No rice, corn products
* No soy foods
*No Alcohol, Caffeine or medications (Contact you Dr. if your taking a prescribed medication, typically they will not want you to partake in a detox).

   For the first seven days you will follow the directions below.  I'll make recipes for these seven days for you to use, if you would like.  You will then do, one day of a juice detox, then back to the seven day directions.  This is just to ease your body back into eating.  You can eat normally after that.  
   I have some friends who could not complete the one day juice detox.  That's fine!  If you continue eating the way it's referenced below you still will feel a bit better after 11 days.  Just cutting out the caffeine, alcohol and sugars help your body recover.  Even if it's just for a bit!

For the first seven days you need to eat, one item from each of the follow categories:

1  ~ Either cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower
1 ~ Any Leafy lettuce or herb, such as, basil, parsley, kale, cilantro, mustard greens, 
       spinach, romaine lettuce, butter lettuce, you pick...this is where you can get creative!
1 ~ Sulfur-rich food.  I use either garlic, eggs, onions
1 ~ Vegetable such as asparagus, celery, beets
1 ~ Citrus such as lemons, limes, oranges 

You also must eat two servings from the following categories during the seven days:

2 ~ ground flax seeds, apple, pear, berries (of any kind), or carrots
2 ~ servings of protein either lean chicken, turkey or fish.  If your vegetarian you need to take a protein source pill...I took spirulina tabs from the health food store.
2~ servings olive oil or flax oil (Serving is 1 tablespoon)

You also must drink half of your body weight in ounces of water for the seven days:

For example:  I weighted 130 when I 65 oz. of water.

Directions for the one day Juice Detox:

~  Mix bottle of unsweetened 100% pure cranberry juice with 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice, 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, and one packet of stevia, or 1 teaspoon (Purchased at natural-food or co-op stores).

~ Drink all the above mixture on the day of the 1 day juice detox along with the required water for your weight.  

Directions after the one day Detox (this step should be for the remaining 3 days):

1) Return to eating and drinking water like you did the first seven days. 

2) Add a non-fat yogurt to your diet, or acidophilus source.  Either way as long as it contains "Live active cultures".

Having your refrigerator arranged with quick and easy options you can grab is a must, otherwise more than likely you'll grab the "junk" food that's close at hand!  Here's a picture of my refrigerator during a 10 day detox! 

Like I said, you certainly can go purchase those expensive kits!  Or you can make some new meals below, feel well and lose weight.  Here are some I use:


Clean up the kitchen with...Bar Keeper's below!