Inspire Me

This page is devoted to Human Inspiration.  
Who doesn't like to be inspired by that one person who seems to have it all together!  Well, as much as we would like there to be that one human person on this planet that "has it all together", there really is no such thing!  But, what we can do is to achieve our very best and try and keep those morals that were given to us when we were young.  This doesn't' mean we are going to be PERFECT, it means we TRY OUR BEST!
 My Grandma used to tell me: 
 "Hold Your Standards High...You Only Live Once...Don't waste a day!" 
 O.K... I CAN and WILL Do This!
DOG YOGA FUN!  Have fun with your pets they are only with us a short time!

I found out someone was putting me down behind my back!  If this happens to you...STAY STRONG!  Don't waver and when you get the chance confront them!  It's not o.k. to let someone ruin your reputation just to build themselves up!
Stay friends!

St. Lucia ...My favorite!

 So my boys thought it was funny that I was cooking dinner in my St. Lucia Wreath for Advent!  I Say..."If I have a CROWN I should wear it"!  :):) 
Sometimes it's just fun to giggle with a friend until you can't stop laughing!

Knowledge that you are never alone...LOVE THAT!

Reading my Zodiac today and thought, "Yep, Loves to help, Aggressive, Loves to give a good fight for what they want!  This totally describes me perfectly."  What's your Zodiac sign?  Fun to read:) 
OK Steve Jobs, I'll keep looking


Hiking Wisdom!
My Son pictured here on a hike in Colorado.

Keep going:)

This Seemed Fitting today after learning of his death.  RIP, a reminder to be with someone who you enjoy and that you enjoy the same things!  Don't waste time with people who don't love what you love.  Even if they say they know in your heart!  SO sorry you felt alone Robin, when you made so many of us laugh!

True Lessons!

"When your children are teenagers, it's important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see You"

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than they love themselves!
"The Most Dangerous Risk of all - The risk of spending your life NOT doing what you want on the bet you can BUY yourself the freedom to do it later!"
Need I say More?

Make the Most out your YOGA...GO outside!





JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT and Learning the correct way to do a headstand!
You have to have a LITTLE fun:)


  1. These could be sold as posters and inspiring!

  2. The Colorado scenery is great in these images. Are you sure you want to move away? Where are you now then? I don't think I could move away from Colorado after living there.


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