Tuesday, January 4, 2011

High Cholesterol...Who ME?

Last Thursday I was 'lucky' enough to go to my Internal Medicine Doctor to find out my Cholesterol is through the roof...ugh!  I was placed on statins over two years ago but 'kind of' stopped taking them because I didn't feel well while on them.  He switched the medication but I still seemed to have issues.  So with seemingly no other options, I decided to go vegan for 6 months.  Yikes, this could be hard.  After reading many articles regarding lowering cholesterol naturally this seems like the last option for me.  I sure hope I can make it!  If your worried about recipes, don't worry about it, I still have a family to cook for and they (the boys) always need to eat!  


  1. Mine was high at the time I found out I had Diabetes2. I started drinking 4 cups of hot brewed green tea per day. This along with a better diet my cholesterol is well under check. I use Bigelow Green Tea. My uncle started this also and dropped his cholesterol also. Good Luck Mark
    (Diab2Cook on blogspot)

  2. Thanks Mark, sorry to hear about the Diabetes hope you're feeling better. I drink Green Tea as well! I most likely need to up the intake however!

  3. Good luck! This will be a great blogging adventure. My roommate and I have decided to go vegan for the rest of January, just as an experiment.


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