Monday, January 3, 2011

Organizational Monday's

Yep, you are reading this correctly!  I have decided during the month of January every Monday will be declared as... "Organizational Monday"!!!!  Yippee!!! It's time to get our act together for the New Year!  Let's bring on 2011... ORGANIZED!  I of course will be your motivator and your sideline cheer leader during this endeavor.  We are going to pick all types of projects, mostly small and CHEAP!  We have 4 Monday's in the month of January so let's get working.
Today's project started from putting the Christmas decorations back into the...SCARY STORAGE UNIT!  YIKES...I cringe thinking about walking in that room.  I'm a little embarrassed to show you the before photo, but I will! 
Here it embarrassed!  I'm just hoping you all have this kind of room:)
As I was looking at the room, I decided it would be nice to have a bench along the back wall.  I could add more compartments for maybe a... "Gift Wrapping Station"!  And then along the shelves, which we built awhile ago, I could place all the Christmas decorations in nice, little, neat plastic containers.  So, I went to Home Depot to buy lumber!  I got quite a few looks down the isles.  I was probably the only tall, skinny, blond, female walking around in heels in the lumber isle.  One 'male' employee asked me if I needed any help and I promptly replied, "No, I got this"!  I'll show them!!!  So...I spent a total of $15.13, came home and built myself a bench!  I am WOMAN hear me!
Here it is!!! Yippee!  This cost only $15.13 and a little time.
Now, I'm so excited to walk into my SCARY storage unit.  I walk in just so I can look at it! 
*I made this out of non-treated wood for two reasons:
1)  The bench is not going to be outdoors so... I'm not worried about weather damaging it.
2) By using non-treated wood it was more cost effective. 
*Also, along the back I added a ribbon holder, using a dowel rod.  Now, the ribbons I use most are easier to access!  Woo Hoo!
*The legs of the bench are made out of 2x4's and the top is made out of 2x6's.
*On the shelf below, I placed plastic bins that pull out, (I had these from kid toys, that are no longer used).
  I labeled each bin with my 'handy dandy' labeler I bought at Target years ago...LOVE THIS!
Close up!
Each bin contains holiday decor...Color coordinated of course!
And Remember... I'm cheering you on!

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