Monday, January 10, 2011

My Top Three Items 'I' think you should try for 2011!

I love new things!  When it comes to gadgets, I especially like kitchen ones (Big Surprise)!  Only if they truly work of course, but you have to try them to see if they work for you.  This year my favorite gadget is the "Oil Mister'!  With this little gadget you can pour in the oil you most use and spray it out like you would a bottle of Pam.  This of course is healthier than the Pam spray and you can refill it with whatever oil you wish.  I used olive oil, but canola oil, walnut oil, and flax oil would all be other great alternatives. 
The other two items on my list are:
1) Metromint Water: It has been a favorite for quite sometime and I spurge on this when I feel like I deserve it (with zero calories I can get away with it)! 
2) Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement:  I like the lemon flavored one.  As far as supplements go this one is drinkable without holding your!  It won't taste as good as...cheesecake of course, but if it helps with calcium intake and stress it's worth the try.  I found this helped with my "sweet tooth" cravings as well!  DON'T take my word of course...ask your doctor, if a magnesium supplement might work for you?


  1. The "oil mister" makes S&P! Cool! Glad you like.


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