Monday, January 31, 2011

Organizational Monday...The last one of January!

Alright this is it!  The very last Monday of the month of January!  I knew I needed to step up my game a bit to keep your attention!  So on Friday, I started taking apart my cabinetry in the master bathroom!  What a good idea at the time.  I thought I would take it apart, paint it, buy new hardware and WALLAH, it would be amazing!  Well, it started out that way, but after taking everything apart and sanding all the doors I got a surprising little phone call from my sons school.  Turns out he broke his arm snowboarding on a school 'team building' trip...REALLY? I went to spend the rest of the day at the hospital, WHAT FUN!  You all will be happy to know I still managed to finish the project!  When a kid doesn't sleep you can always...PAINT!  So here are some helpful little hints if you're planning on painting woodwork in the near future!

Step 1:  Take off all doors and hardware.

Step 2: Clean any dirt or grime off the cabinets.  Then, lightly sand. I would use a medium to fine grade

Step 3: Fill all holes or cracks with wood putty and then re-sand lightly.  Make sure there no visible cracks.

Step 4: Wipe any residue off with a cleaner of your choice, I used "KRUD KUTTER", purchased at Home

Step 5:  Tape off all area's you don't want paint to adhere to.

Step 6: Apply primer coat of your choice.  I would recommend an oil based product in high traffic areas.
            I used KILZ, interior oil-base primer. HINT: Use a brush you can just throw away, at Target they
            have a package of brushes 5 for $5.00.  Perfect for the job!
Step 7: Lightly sand if needed, to get out brush marks and wipe off again with clean cloth!  Then, apply your first coat of paint.  I used BEHR premium plus ultra (paint and primer in one). You can use a conditioning additive like Penetrol which allows you to lengthen the time you have to work with your paint.  But, I suggest picking yourself up a coffee and working quickly instead.  One extra HINT: Use a combination of a throw away brush and a small foam roller (Cost: $1.97, found at Home Depot).  This also helps you work faster and you won't have brush strokes to sand.

Step 8: Apply a second coat when the first is dry, remember to sand out any drips or brush strokes if you have them.  Let dry and attach the hardware of your choice.  REMEMBER: This is your Jewelry for your cabinets so choose wisely, you're going to have to look at this everyday.
Second coat: Completed at 2 a.m.


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  1. I was thinking about doing this. It looks nice!


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