Monday, January 17, 2011

Organizational Monday...again and again!

It is amazing how quickly Monday rolls around.  With all the kids off of school it makes doing any project a bit overwhelming!  Today I did little "fix-it" type things that have been driving me crazy.  First, was the wands that are attached to blinds in a couple of the bedrooms.  It seems the wand you use to open and close the blinds always break.  I knew I could fix this if I would just take the time to take it apart.  So today was wand fix-it day, kinda sounds funny, but I did it!
Here is briefly what I did:
1)  First take the plastic top off the wand.  Normally, this just screws off!
Took plastic cap off!
2)  Next, take off all the broken wire pieces, taking note of where they seemed to be attached, this way it's easier to reattach new heavier gage wire in its place.
3)  Then, locate a heavier gage wire that still is pliable.  Bend it with pliers to fit in the previous holes you removed the old wire out of.
This is the wire I chose for the job!

In this photo I'm trying to show you the difference in the thickness of the wire.
4)  After you bend and cut the the new wire to fit, screw on the plastic cover and reattach to the blinds! 
Oh Ya...we fixed another thing!  Oh... one more thing, this cost the big...ZERO!  Yep, you're reading this right, I used stuff from the little workshop and didn't buy a thing!  Maybe, a cool pair of jeans should be my reward...just joking...wink, wink!

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