Monday, January 24, 2011

Organizational Monday

It's here again...MONDAY!  Wow, does it come around quickly!  Today the boys had school off... again!  I decided I needed to teach them how to start fixing things they break.  I mean really, don't you think boys these days need to learn this stuff?  The boys got this cute cabinet that holds a basketball hoop and a few balls.  Of course, they broke the hinges off of both sides.  So...with this being said, we all jumped in the car for a ride to Home Depot!
This is what I did...with boy help of course!
1) First, I took all the broken hinges off!
2) Next, take cabinet doors off and place on a sturdy surface.
3) Then fill all the existing holes with a piece of a dowel rod (I cut one to fit in the holes, I was not planning on using any longer).
4)  Then, "Titebond II" (which is wood glue) to secure the dowel rod in place and lightly sand.
NOTE: This step is only needed if the new hinges you bought don't fit perfectly.

5)  Lastly, reattach the new hinges and rehang the doors! Woo...another project finished! 

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