Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter & Spring Things

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter with all of their favorite, memorable foods and family traditions.  Ours was wonderful this year!  It included amazing appetizers, the main course... which could have fed all of us for a week, plus desserts that should have been published in magazines around the world!  Obviously, with all the cooking that was taking place I had little time to blog but, I thought I could give you an idea or two for next years Easter and up coming Spring Events like, May Day and the Kentucky Derby, which is a great reason to get together with friends.  So... without further a due here is some photo's from our Easter Table, Enjoy!
The Centerpiece is made taking a plain old basket, lining it with moss, and filling with dyed Easter Eggs. (NOTE: Liquid dye seems to make the best colors, never bye the Easter kits!  Just mix liquid colors of your choice with water and add approximately 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar to every cup of dye).  The results Beautiful!

Side view of the Adult table!  So Pretty!  See another use for the Egg Topiaries I spruced up earlier in the month!

Another view of the Easter Table!  It looked so pretty we didn't want to get anything dirty:)

One of the desserts that I made for the Feast was this Lemon Angel Food Cake...Oh ya I'll be posting this to the blog!

The kids table was terrific!  It was everything kids LOVE but, done with a fancy flair!  The centerpiece was a clear container filled with pastel M&M's.  Each plate had a milk chocolate bunny sucker and a chocolate egg...too cute!

If you are wondering why we used dark blue napkins rather than yellow, pink or another Eastery color it was because we knew the kids would destroy a light colored napkin!

This was a last minute purchase that we fixed up by adding Coconut grass colored green and a little fluffy tail with black jelly beans coming out the back (Of course only to amuse the kids, pictured below)!

    My husband played this little joke!  I have to admit it lightened the mood and made us all laugh!

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