Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grow and Pass Party...aka Garden Party

  This year I came up with an idea to have a party to divide perennial plants from the garden and pass them in a party environment.  Everyone that got an informal invitation were told to divide three plants from their garden, place them in plastic containers (recycling), then come to a party where NO MONEY was needed.  Just a bunch of girls that wanted to exchange plants and have a little fun!  I think we have decided this is going to be an annual event!  It was so much fun!
As a centerpiece I just added some tags to a green houseplant.
On a table in the kitchen I placed decorating, gardening books, and flowers from the garden!

On the herb garden bench I placed a fun face with sedum coming out of his mouth!

On the other side of the herb garden bench I filled a little bird container with the same sedum!

From the hanging baskets beautiful bright flowers!
Pathway to the herb garden was framed with an rose covered arch!
Plants were all labeled for sun/shade and name of the plant just for easy decisions!
Moss covered monogrammed letter just for a little decoration!
Oh ya...Did I mention the yummy Appetizers I came up with???  I'll blog about that tomorrow:)

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  1. This was a great idea we all had fun!


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