Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Baskets!

My kids love leaving little May Day baskets at the neighbors front doors and running away.  So, every year we put these little treasures together and they run out to deliver them.  This is such a charming little custom that has seemed to have slipped in popularity with the hecticness of our lives these days.  Along with the economy, I think people are having a hard time celebrating what spring can/could offer.... if we would only all stay positive!  It's just as hard for me to do just what I preach above, but this little blog is the place I can say and bring all GOOD THINGS, without much criticisms from the world.   I hope when you visit this blog it brings happy thoughts, that are 'sweet' to the senses, and reminds you of yesteryear, with a new and healthy twist!  BRING ON THE SUN!

These don't have to be expensive, just use what you have around the house!  In years past... I would make a funnel out of paper, staple it together and fill it with whatever goodies I could find.  What this day is suppose to represent in the states... is the celebration of SPRING.  In some countries it is "Worker's Day" or what we would call "Labor Day", but for us,  it's all about coming out of the cold and into spring!  Well, NO SPRING yet but let's hope this week we FIND warmer weather!


1) should have a bunch left over from Easter,lol
2) Cookies (Make a batch of sugar cookies)
3) Salt Water Taffy...always reminds of the summer days!
4) Little flowers you find around the house...daffodils for example! P.S. Don't pick the neighbors, lol!
5) Grow Wheat Grass in little containers like the ones shown above!
6) Grow fresh herbs from seed in little containers, fun but you need to pre-plan for this one!
7) Tie everything with spring colored ribbon...LOVE IT!
8) MOST IMPORTANT: drop one of your creations off at someones house who would least expect it but needs a little smile and some sunshine!

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