Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More...Autumn Decor

Every fall I go through the same argument with my oldest son, it sounds something like this, "Mom put up some Halloween decorations!"  "Well, I really don't have time to and I dislike scary things!" "Come on Mom pleeeease buy some of the spider web stuff to put on the trees out front." "Oh...that stuff makes a mess!"  "Mom, give me a break we are boys we want spiders and skulls!"  "Great, well I will see what I can do!"

This is what he got for decorations I have a feeling he will not be to happy, but everything was free and didn't cost a dime....LOVE THAT!

One of the kids old Halloween costumes (I made) stuffed with bags of leaves, a pumpkin for a head and fake flower eyes!

Inside the house I filled containers with nuts instead of candy (Omega 3's anyone?)

On one tree I used some webbing I found in the storage container.  I added spider lights for the scary appeal!

I hung a lighted Halloween sign I also found in the storage container!

This I did for me! A cute pumpkin sitting on a bird bath!

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