Monday, October 18, 2010

Painted Fireplace

Started and finished a painting project today!  Of course... I first had to put my 7 hours in at work, but I still got it done! This one took a couple of days because of drying time, but I'm wondering why I waited so long to do it?  It really turned out nice and it wasn't expensive because I had the paint sitting in the basement.  So... if you're waiting to do a project, don't wait!  It's so gratifying once its done. 

The Completed project!

The Process from start to finish!
This is what it looked like before I started, I really don't care for oak!

First I taped off the fireplace to insure a clean crisp line.

Next, I lightly sanded and primed the area!

Then I painted the fireplace the color of my choice (Off White)!
This is so beautiful and the room now looks fresh and clean!

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