Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Project that never ends...Window Sills

So what are you working on this weekend?  I've been working on window sills all summer including this weekend!  I've been scraping, scraping, sanding, sanding, priming and painting...the never ending project.  It's truly the worst project I can think of.  I'd rather rip out the tile in the bathroom than do this.  It's not like it's a project that you can show off after your done.  It's extremely boring and unrewarding, but it is something that needs to be done at times.  What I find funny about this project is I asked neighbor boys to help out and I would pay them.  The boys lasted all of one hour and they never came back.  Well, I have to say, it's not a glamorous job, very time consuming and no one is lining up at the door to help me out.  The good news is, once I get them done it should prolong the life of the windows and save me money in the long run...I guess I'll see.  As you can tell I have lost all sense of humor while doing this, but I'm enjoying talking a break and blogging about the boring project.  Oh yea... REAL life can be boring at times:)  Have a great weekend!

 So here I started scraping and scraping.  Depending on how bad the windows sills are (lack of maintenance) will determine how much scraping is needed. You might need to dig out all the dry rot to reach the new wood and then fill it in with epoxies and fill in the void.  Thank goodness I'm getting to this before it became a crazy difficult job.  At this stage I'm scraping and sanding.  Then I use a paint-able caulk if I have a gap between the window sill and the stucco (In this case).  Then I let that dry and prime then paint.  This process can take days because I need the weather to cooperate with me and not rain.  This explains why these projects drag out.  Oh well, I'll feel good when they are done.  
Scraping and Scraping

Even more scraping

What I want to accomplish is a smooth surface before I fill in and prime.

All finished

Another set all finished...woohoo!

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