Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carob Hot Chocolate?

My son had a friend over today and wanted Hot Chocolate while playing Monopoly.  So... I told them I would get it for them.  I thought I would test using Carob chips instead of regular chocolate to see if they could tell the difference...Sneaky!  Well, I think the added Peppermint flavor helped in hinding the different chocolate flavor, but it worked!  Here is what I did....

2 tablespoons carob chips
1 package peppermint hot chocolate powder
Milk or water to fill the glass, warmed
Whipped cream for the topping
Chocolate peppermint chips for the topping


Warm the milk (water) in the microwave.  Add a tablespoon of carob chips per glass and stir until melted.  Mix a little peppermint hot chocolate powder and stir.  Warm again if needed to make sure all blend together.  Add whipped topping and decorate with chocolate peppermint chips.  P.S. The kids will never know the base is mostly carob chips and NOT all just Chocolate!

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