Monday, November 29, 2010

London Fog Tea with Candy Cane

Tonight reminds me of London, it's cold and RAINY!  I can't think of anything I would rather have than a warm cup of tea!  So... I made a cute little tea using the English Breakfast tea bags my dear friend brought back from London.  This has a twist because I added a candy cane stir stick then decorated the froth with a smiley face...just for a little fun!

London Fog Tea with Candy Cane

1 cup of hot water, place tea bag in to brew (the strength should be 'strong')
1 cup of warmed skim milk (froth the milk if you are able to)
2 Teaspoons vanilla syrup flavoring (optional)
2 Small Candy Cane's
2 cute tea cup's (you and a friend of course)


1)  Divide the tea between 2 cups and froth the milk if you are able.
2) Next, add a teaspoon of Vanilla syrup to each cup and pour the frothed milk in like you would a Latte.
3) Decorate as you wish or just add a candy cane for a little fun!

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