Friday, November 12, 2010

Germinating & Sprouting Chickpeas

I know what you're all thinking, "she must be losing her mind being in that house with her husband being out of work for so long"!  And chances are correct!  But, I have sprouted chickpeas, almonds, sesame seeds and quinoa all successfully without any fancy equipment.   Why would you do this, you ask? Well, these dried peas contain nutrition and fiber we otherwise do not get in our diets.  They also contain anticancer substances when sprouted ( are some of my 'secrets' for germinating and sprouting chickpeas.)  If you are all are interested, I can give you the low down on the other seeds, nuts or beans which are easy to sprout without the expensive equipment!

So here is to our health...extra fiber (a bonus):

These are the cute little containers I have used for years to hold my orgainic little dormant treasures and YES, I labeled them!  Looks like I need to make a trip to the co-op for some more Chickpeas!

*  First rinse the Organic RAW chick peas (they are also called Garbanzo beans), then soak them in purified water for 12 hours.  (I use a plain old plate and set it out on the kitchen counter, NOT in direct sunlight)!

Place chickpeas on plate "Single NOT pile"

Next, add the purified water until just covered and wait, and wait, and wait! For 12 hours to be exact!

Then after 12 hours they look all puffed up, now you can sprout them for the nutritional benefit!

This step is just as easy, you wash the chickpeas one more time!  Then recover with purified water and place plastic wrap over the plate and set out on the kitchen counter again.  Then you wait and wait and wait (12 hours again)!  They will start growing then you are ready to eat them.  Just wash and gently dry them.  If you keep them refrigerated in a container they will last for 3 to 5 days!  Enjoy!

Look how YUMMY!

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