Thursday, September 11, 2014

Backyard Clean-up

Sometimes, just a little elbow grease goes a long way in making things look and feel done.  The Colorado house is no exception. For starters, every piece of the exterior had not been maintained when we bought this a few years ago.  But, with a lot....and I mean a lot, of elbow grease and dirty laundry I was able to bring this yard back to life.  This is the backyard and I really didn't want to spend a ton.  I thought just cutting some of the scrub oak out and cleaning up the base of the trees would really make the backyard more inviting.  Our neighbor behind us was going to cut down some of her pine trees.  I asked her if I could have them and she responded, "Go ahead if you want to dig them up"!  Ha, Ha I bet she thought I wouldn't do it.  But, I did!  Three 6-8 foot pines trees got dug up and pulled over into place.  I watered them a ton and gave them some B Vitamins and they seem to be happy:)  I know I will enjoy them as they grow:).
The trees were a mess but I weeded them out!

Now the area is open a bit and the yard is...OH SO CLEAN:)

I was sure to lay down the weed guard so I wouldn't have to weed for awhile:)

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