Saturday, September 13, 2014

Organizational Queen...Kitchen Essential

Yep...I'm an organizational queen!  I really can't stand disorder...I can't think straight!  I've been seeing organizational posts all over, but have never seen one to "FIT" an area.  This was when I decided to make an Herb Magnet board on the side of a cabinet that would open up space in a kitchen cabinet.  So, when I was doing the kitchen I contacted a Sheet Metal Worker in my area until I found someone who would take a piece of sheet metal and clamp the sides over (So they weren't sharp), then I could make a magnet board for herbs.  This cost me $38.00 to get done, once I gave him the exact size of the side of the cabinet (make sure its a perfect rectangle or square and not different sizes on the top and bottom), then you'll just needed to pick it up, bring it home and hang it.  I then attached magnet herb containers I got at World Market (They even come in colors...I just got stainless)!  I will tell you that they sell the same ones at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they are $2.99 a piece and at World Market they are only $1.99.   I then found these mesh magnet holders at T.J. Maxx ($4.99), they are great but only came in ugly colors, so I bought 4 of them anyhow...even thou they were ugly and spray painted them in a stainless steel paint and ...VOILA...FANCY PANTS MESH HOLDERS!

Here it is...Very hard to take a picture of!
I put mine on the side of the cabinet that holds the oven...It's convenient while cooking to have it here!
I made the HERB sign by getting metal letters at a craft store and using a glue gun to attach magnets to the back!
Here are the little metal Herb containers from World Market, I took a label maker and printed out the names of the herbs for each one!  Then I put the herbs alphabetical on the magnet board for easy access!
These are the mesh magnet containers I found at T.J. MAXX... I had to paint them thou.
These things are heavy duty and don't come off once on the board so don;t worry about them not being able to hold your!

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