Monday, September 15, 2014

"ONE OF A KIND SIGN'S"...Decorative!

 Being a Swedish gal I decided that I wanted to put a few Decorative Sign's up around the house but, I didn't want them to just be the usual signs that you find at Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store.  I wanted them to really "MEAN" something to me.  So, I decided to find signs that were on major clearance and repaint them, making them "ONE OF A KIND"!
 My first sign I made, I took the wall paint color and painted over the existing discounted sign (I paid $5.00 for)!  I then took a little of the wall paint and mixed in a little white and black paint to streak it across the sign.  I then purchased Wood Letters and painted them red!  I glued them on the sign and VOILA... a sign that has meaning:)

This one Fit's PERFECTLY over the sliding glass door!

I like the three dimensional look this gives the sign...VERY CUSTOM!

Kinda hard to see in this picture because of the sun coming in the window!
 SIGN #2

The Next, sign I made I decided to GO BIG OR GO!  I purchased a $10.00 piece of wood from Home Depot.  In this one I decided to go a little more wild with the paint.  I first did a base coat using the wall paint again.  Then I took a damp paper towel and a little black paint and streaked that in.  Next, I took a crackle spray paint and sprayed the corners.  I let this dry.  Once dry, I sprayed some of the letters on the board and the others I used wood letters that I sprayed black outside, (These I glued on).  This sign is what my Grandmother used to say and I LOVE IT!  It reminds me of her.
This Sign puts a smile on my face:)

Here is a close up to see dimension!

On this Picture, I was trying to showing you the crackle paint!


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