Thursday, September 11, 2014

Master Bath Redo...What's Next?

I had started a Master Bathroom project awhile ago and then got stuck!  Not with what to do next, but rather I just can't make up my mind on the flooring.  I go back and forth from the tile wood floor look to just normal tile.  I want a classic look that I won't get tired of in a few years, or more importantly, at this point, just a classic look for resale.  I keep gravitating toward the tiled wood floor look.  Thinking it's different but yet still is a classic.  Below is some pictures I have taken of the project and at what point I'm at now.  Do any of you lean toward a certain wood floor tile?  Which one do you like more?  I look forward to the emails!

This was a picture I took before I ripped out cabinets!
In this photo I had already changed out all the door handles and hinges.  Now it was time to take out tile and re-stain cabinets.
Here is both sides of the Master bathroom, I'm needing to tile floors first.

In progress
I did videos of the process but because we are just picking out flooring at this point I'll only do the pictures portion and save you watching me remove tile (Boring)!  At this point you can see I have removed the green tile and sinks, removed the medicine cabinet out of the wall, built a new base for the old oak cabinets, Stained the cabinets using the Java Stain from General Finishes, cut new holes for the water supply lines.  WOW, I'm tired just typing it...Just Joking!

  Next, I dry-walled the hole where the old medicine cabinet was and decided to build a new open cabinet between the mirrors.  I've added the decorative molding and stained this to match the oak cabinets that have I have up-cycled.  I also replaced the brass faucets with nickle.  I have not added the counter tops because I want the floors to be decided on first.

So here we are ready for the tile to be chosen!
 Here is what I would love help with!  Should I do the barn wood tile on the left or the Walnut tile on the right??? Totally two different looks. I love the barn wood tile because each tile is SO different! But, then I think for resale maybe the walnut wood floor tile would be safer.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  You can email me, leave a response on this blog or leave a response on Home Talk blog network.


  1. WOW! I would do the walnut and perhaps a light marble on the counters. Looks AMAZING!

  2. Did you sand the cabinets before staining? Also how did you apply the stain? Thank you!

    1. Cristie, Yes I did sand them inside and out. I thought about going to Dip-N-Strip but the cost was $60.00 per door and the poly on the cabinets have been on for 20 years and was pretty much off anyway. I took them out into the garage and sanded then applied 3 coats of the stain (4-6 hours in-between coats), then I put 2 coats of polyurethane on the same way.

  3. I like the Walnut!

  4. Walnut for resale!

  5. Barn Wood FOR SURE!

  6. WOW... This is too fun letting you guys vote on this! Between the emails, HomeTalk Site, and the blog. I have 25 votes for the Barn Wood so far, 38 votes for the Walnut and 4 votes for regular tile. I'll wait for a week to see who else has an opinion. And then let the tiling begin:)


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