Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Easter Egg Topiaries

I got an email today from a follower who was interested in making the Egg Topiary's I had posted on the blog sometime ago.  I think with moving I have lost all of the "How to" direction pictures, but found pictures of the actual Topiary's in some of my picture files.  I hope seeing the picture's help with anyone wanting to make them.  They are great to have around at Easter and I have used them for years now.   I have to say going thru the pictures makes me miss Minnesota even more.  Have a great day!

Find bases you like
Add a foam cylinder (purchased at Craft Store)
Use hot glue gun to glue into place
Find packages of different sized plastic eggs and feathers from (Craft Store)
Hot glue the Eggs on then Hot glue the feathers on in between the spaces !
There you have it!
As Easy As (Salt and Pepper)...Ha, Ha, Ha

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