Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seasonal Corn on the Cob!

Various ways to make corn on the cob....
Well, just like anything else "Corn on the Cob" can be made in many ways!

  1. The Traditional:  Boil in water on the stove top!  Peel the corn, place in the boiling water and wait 10 or so minutes!  Some like it with sugar added to the water and then some like to add salt!
  2. The "Fair" style:  This requires a grill and in my book locks in the "true" flavor of the corn.  Just soak corn with husks in water for about 2 minutes.  Place corn on the grill (with the husks on) this takes about 10 minutes or so.  Peel corn an serve at pick the toppings!
  3. The "Micro" Corn:  Peel the husks off the cob and put in a shallow dish with a microwavable lid.  Depending on your microwave this could take up to 5 minutes or less.  (Not a big fan of this way...I feel the corn loses a lot of flavor in the microwave!)

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