Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The smell of a burning fire, the first chill in the air, and the trees dusted in Gold!  It's easy to tell that Autumn is here without even looking at the calender!  It's time to redecorate and add touches of fall!  Here is a list of my favorite things to do!
  • Bring in the last of the tomatoes from the garden and let them ripen on the kitchen windowsill.
  • Fill glass containers with anything orange, brown or red!  I filled mine with dried orange slices and acorns (found around the house)
  • Brew milling spices on the stove!
  • Make sure every room in the house has lamps in them vs. ceiling lights (It's just warmer looking)
  • On a table replace cookbooks with ones that talk about fall cooking, or Thanksgiving!
  • Place pumpkins or gourds (or mix) in bowls in the kitchen!
  • Hang "Indian corn" on the front door...hopefully the birds won't eat yours like they did mine.
  • Cut any herbs from the garden that can be used dried (Oregano, mint, sage, marjoram) tie at one end and hang to dry.  Once dried put in a clean coffee grinder to use dried all winter long.
  • Candles, Candles everywhere!
  • Bring any nature you can think of indoors!
  • Use these colors to warm up the house: Rusts, Purples, Brown, Orange, Garnet, Golds, Burgandy's!
  • Place quilts or blankets over the corners of couches and/or chairs!

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