Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Fall Project!

Yesterday, I talked about redecorating which gave me an idea! Make something!!!!  Some of you know I do flower arrangements as a side business!  So here is a little project which is fun to make and very natural!

You need:
1 paddle of wire
3 large pine cones
1-2 bows either you make or have them made
3 clusters of fall leaves
1 fake pumpkin/ or more if you wish
Anything grown in your area you can forage for: (Dried flowers, turkey feathers, different grasses, anything you like)!

  • Lay out materials to get a feel of what you are going to use!
  • Next take about 2 feet of wire and cut it off the paddle.  Then hold 1 pine cone and wrap the wire around the top.
  • Next, add the other 2 pinecones next to the first one and wrap the wire around those.  Making what looks like a triangle in the center of the 3 pine cones.
  • Next, add the leaves, dried flowers or feathers.
  • Next, add the pumpkin and bow and you are done!
  • These are beautiful hung from the any flower hanger which previously held those summer hanging baskets!

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