Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Your Basic Taco Salad

With all the extra tomatoes this recipe comes from the "Latino Beat" section of the cooking journal!  If you have hot peppers growing in the garden this would be a good place to start using them up!

3 Avocados
1 lime
1 canned tomatoes/ or fresh if you have them
½ cup cilantro, shredded
1 can black beans
1 cup rice cooked according to directions
Meat or fish of your choice, cubed
2 tablespoons canola oil (oil of your choice)
½ cup onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 teaspoon oregano
Lettuce of your choice
Salt and Pepper to taste
Tortilla chips of choice
EXTRA (If you want a special cheese, go ahead a buy it for this)


1) Take the avocados and slice open, take out flesh, put in a bowl and mash with a fork. Add juice of a lime, and cut up a couple of tomatoes and mix in. Then add the cilantro and salt to your liking.  If you like garlic in your guacamole go ahead and add it!
2) Next put the black beans in a small sauce pan and warm up.
3) In a separate pan make the rice according to directions on package.
4) In a separate pan add the oil and diced onion, garlic, and oregano, sauté for 1 minute. Add the meat of your choice to this pan and cook until meat is at desired doneness. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Optional: If you like things a little spicy add some peppers)
5) Next start piling on the toppings! Start with a bed of Tortilla chips, add rice on top of that, then the black beans, then the meat of choice, lettuce, and top with the Guacamole and extra tomatoes if you like. If you have a special cheese you like go ahead and put it on, but it’s not needed the guacamole tastes wonderful all by itself.

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