Monday, September 20, 2010

Graham's Buttered Noodles

My son Graham loves plain old buttered noodles!  He keeps requesting, "Something kids would 'normally' eat"!  So...for Graham I'm posting his favorite, and something so easy we sometimes just forget about making it for them!

1) First, find the kind of pasta your kid will eat.  This could be ziti, fusilli, orecchiette, penne, bow ties basic elbow macaroni or just plain egg noodles.  It seems all children prefer a certain shape!
2) Next, experiment to see if you are able to sneak some kind of vegetable in with the noodles (I have successfully put carrots and broccoli in my children's buttered noodles)!
3) Then, find a cheese (for protein) your kids like!  My kids like shredded Parmesan, but I have friends who's children like shredded cheddar!  You can always add diced chicken if you have it on hand as well!
4) Lastly, add butter, salt and pepper to taste!


This is an easy one!  Just boil the water and prepare pasta according to package directions.  If you're lucky enough to be able to slip in some vegetables with the pasta you can aways boil it in with the pasta.  Drain, and add butter, cheese, diced meat or whatever else you can dream up that your children will eat!  Enjoy!

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