Monday, January 12, 2015

Chocolate Cherry Green Drink...Perfection!

Well, I hope everyone's day was delightful?  I had an eventful day here with the weather and some car issues.  But,  making this drink has made the day much better.  I think you all will agree that this drink not only sounds good, but if you're lucky enough to make it you won't be disappointed.  It's smooth texture and hint of chocolate makes me think of the Cherry Garcia ice cream I once enjoyed before cutting dairy out of my diet,  and it has all beneficial ingredients for the O blood type so it gets extra points for that as well.  Enjoy!


1 cup Organic Black Cherry Juice
2 cups packed organic red kale
2/3 cup frozen cherries
3 dried figs
1 frozen banana
6 drops Chocolate Stevia Sweetener
2 tablespoons Barlean's Flax Oil


Place all the above ingredients in a Vita-mix and mix on high.  Enjoy!  I think I'm in LOVE!
Hope this shows you the consistency!
I think I'll just sit here after a long day and enjoy this drink!

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