Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mango Mountian Madness Smoothy

  This smoothy contains a little MADNESS in the smoothie because of the secret ingredients (and the story that follows).  My kids always tease me when I say I'll make them a smoothy, they say, "So Mom... What did you hide in this drink?" I respond, "WHO ME...NEVER"!  But, in all seriousness it's a great way to get some extra vitamins, herbs or minerals without swallowing a pill.  The trick is to make it still taste good... this one tastes like a Creamsicle... only better!
A perfect blend of Mango, Orange and Banana with Benefits

1 organic orange peeled,
1 1/2 cups of frozen mango chunks
1 frozen banana
2 capsules kelp, emptied of there contents in Vita-mix
1 tablespoon Barlean's Orange Cream fish oil with omega's
1/2 cup orange juice (freshly squeezed if you have it)
1 cup ice cubes

To Decorate the top:

1 Shot of inner-eco Mega Probiotic tropical flavor
6 Coco Mango Pomegranate Chews, purchased at whole foods in the bulk section
1 slice of orange
and a secret edible mountain carved by ME:)

I set the drink down an walked away as I was walking back I thought... that's cute:)

A close up of the desert in a Jar... or at least it tastes like it!
After I was done taking the picture and was going to finish the hike and drink my smoothy, I looked back and Lilly was sitting on the rock where the drink was!  You know... it's all about the dog!


  1. Oh...Girl STAY AWAY from that person! Yikes

  2. Thanks for your comment and all the emails.


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