Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boys Fabulous Bathroom Redo for $500.00

Another one of my favorite's. After moving into this house I decided I needed to redo as much as possible for as little as possible. This whole bathroom cost me under $500.00!
In this picture you can see the floors, oak cabinet and mauve counter tops!

Here I've taken out the oak cabinet and measuring the base perfectly before I start to tile! I can then build the Oak Cabinet up to make it higher in the bathroom.  Most cabinets are too low!

Here, I've dismantled the cabinet and I'm starting the building up portion of the cabinet.  This is prior to the staining process.

In this picture I'm trying to see how high I want the cabinet.  I don't want to go to high but would like this to be a bit higher than this!  I can tell visually, that this doesn't work for me.

In this picture, I've added the first coat of stain but have not tiled yet.  I've figured out the height and now just need to tile.

Here you can see the floors are completed with new baseboards...I'm feeling good at this point!

I'm REALLY happy now!  I've got the floors, cabinet and baseboards complete.  I just need some counter-tops and I can move on! 

I found this cute cabinet at T.J. Maxx and it was perfect for the Swedish look I was going for...Ah..

Found these hooks at Tuesday Mornings and I thought they were cute considering we live in Colorado now!

I went with Stainless Steel counter-tops because it was under $100.00...these are perfect for the boys !

Found the mirror at T.J. Maxx for $30.00 which completed the look!  I especially like the cabinet color I chose for this room!  It's General Finishes Walnut Stain and I applied a Burnt Umber Stain over top!
Here are the After Photos!

I Really Love how this turned out for my boys!  This cost me total $500.00 and took 1 week!

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