Sunday, August 3, 2014

Succulent Savvy

 Succulent's are not only very popular they bring an updated look to almost any room.  I was at a Tuesday Morning's and came across this beautiful pot for all of $15.00 and decided to make it a Easter dining room table center piece at the time, it was too pretty to put away so I decided to make it a container for succulent's considering the amount of light I have coming in that window.  I lined the container with plastic and placed a saucer in over that, then I added a good quality dirt and topped it  some beauties.  Now, when you walk into the house there is so much drama. 

My Initial Easter container!

A close up of the succulents in the container!

At different angles you can see the different plants!

I just love looking in and seeing the succulents!
Better Yet as I was going thru a magazine I came across this picture and started laughing, here is my container in a kitchen!  I looked up the amount of the pot...It was $150.00!  I SCORED:)

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