Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Curb Appeal Needed

What do you do when you buy a house that has zero curb appeal?  First thing is a major landscaping overhaul. I needed to drive up and feel like it was home and not pulling up to a bunch of scrub oak.  I feel like this house now has some curb appeal.
Is there a house in there?

You can see I started cutting the scrub oak down on day one.
The house is starting to appear!  I'm thinking to myself, "Yea, I can see it...keep going girl".

At this point I'm thinking, "How far back should I go?'  I kept going until I felt like it was visually appealing.

Then I thought, "I should make a sitting area out front, so began the patio project"!

I was liking it more and more as I went on!  I'm kinda a little determined when I want something!

Oh yea, I needed a watering system here!  So trenches needed to be dug! 

Woohoo!  Look at this patio, I even put the polymeric sand in-between the Chilton, so it looks like sand but acts like concrete and keeps the ants out as well.

Another picture...different angle.
Street view now!  Yep...more curb appeal than before!

This looks SO much better!  I feel like you can call it a home now!

Quick look photos:)

So glad I decided to add the patio!  It's a nice morning place to sit!

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