Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fireplace Redo... The Building of a Mantel!

After moving into a house you dislike it's important to try to make it "your own" on a budget. I couldn't stand this fireplace so I was on a mission to make one I LOVED:)
Here is the picture of the fireplace-YUCK! I hated the green tile and the cutout (SO 80's), I also needed to get rid of the brass!
 I first had to cover that ugly cutout above the fireplace. I located studs and went to work framing it in. Next, I dry-walled, sanded and applied the knockdown (which was NOT FUN), but, once I applied the paint I was happy.
 I'm a very Messy Girl!
 Next, I changed out the light fixtures.  These I found by digging in a back room at a fancy lighting store.  They were $600.00 for 1.  I paid $30.00 per piece...woohoo! SCORE! Then I went to work building a mantel that aesthetically was pleasing to my eye.  Once, I felt I nailed it...I stopped!  The key to great decorating is keeping it simple and not going overboard.  I also, changed out the tile and painted that ugly brass black.
 Then I grabbed my favorite can of Stain and went to work.  Three coats of stain and two coats of Polyurethane.  Make sure to read the directions.

Here is me applying the lovely stain:)
Here I have finished both the stain and the poly, so I removed the blue tape!  I know you kinda liked it?  Just joking!!!

 AHHHHH. YEA It's completed!  Now, it's time to decorate:)

I then hung a mirror and duded it up for Christmas! After all my Dad was coming for Christmas last year and with his Cancer diagnosis and I wanted him to sit by a pretty fireplace with his coffee and rest.  Every daughter LOVES there DADDY:)

Have Fun Designing... It's the BEST PART:)

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