Saturday, August 2, 2014

OFFICE BEAUTY! Build a Console Table and Up-Cycle a Desk to Match!

What to do when your office is drab? Up-cycle and add on! Why not? I decided to up-cycle a desk that was given to me by my Aunt and build a side table to match, to hold printers, paper, books and more.   Take a look:) This only cost me $89.00!  And I think... I ROCKED THIS ONE:) 
I started by measuring my wall to see how long I wanted the table. Then I measured to see how tall I wanted it! 
Then I added a shelve so I could fit more on it! 
 Next I added these cute little X design to give it that decorated and fancy feel...AFTER ALL I AM A GIRL! 
 Here is a picture so you can see the basic steps!  Make sure to measure your wall first so you know how high you want your Console Table.  
Then I added 3 coats of General Finishes (Java Stain) and 2 coats of Polyurethane!  Remember, to leave enough drying time in-between coats of stain and poly!
Here is a picture of the stain!
Ahhh... A Women's work is never done:)  But, I'm happy with this! I think I'll up-cycle that desk my Aunt gave me.  
Here it is...I took the old desk and added the same X design I used on the console table! I used the same 2X2's which cost all of $4.00!
 I had to strip and stain this to match the side table. But, up-cycling for $4.00 is WAY WORTH IT! 
 Look at this room now!!! I feel so rich when I walk into the office now...even though I'm NOT:) Hope this gives you all an idea.

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