Sunday, August 3, 2014

The United Countries of Baseball...Painted for my Boy:) GO TWIN'S

My one son is a Baseball fanatic, meanwhile my other son is in love with soccer.  So when the baseball boy was having his birthday and we found out we were going to be moving simultaneously ,I wanted to do something special.  I decided to paint him picture he had been looking at for awhile.  I bought a canvas and went to work.  Doing this free-hand meant hours of mixing paints to get just the tight colors, but I know he'll have this forever.  He LOVES it!  How do I know?  Well, last year when we were being evacuated for the fires here in Colorado he started to cry when he heard I forgot to grab the picture when I was grabbing our important stuff.  It broke my heart, but made me happy at the same time knowing all that work paid off:)

My Baseball Boy!

He even made the All-Star team after moving here!
This is the Professional Artist's work!  I loved it!  This is based off of fan base and NOT states.  Very Cool!
This is my attempt at a hand painted version.  60 hours later and around $80.00!  I think I ROCKED IT thou:)

A Close UP!  His favorite team... THE TWIN'S

His room all duded up for a TWIN VICTORY:)  GO TWIN'S!!!


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