Sunday, August 3, 2014

Restoration Hardware Love/Hate Relationship

Yes, I confess I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Restoration Hardware.  I REALLY wanted this outdoor table, and of course I can't afford it (I'm pretty sure it would be too big anyhow), so I built my own!  This one fits perfectly on my deck and is not built for that mansion I don't own!
Here is a the process in which I built the outdoor table!
Here is Restoration Hardware's outdoor table I wanted! Notice how long it is!
Here is the process I followed by looking at the picture and knowing how high I needed the table to be by measuring my old outdoor table!

Here it is!  I hadn't started staining it yet...and I thought it was pretty here!

Here I started staining the table while I had it outside! No rain in the forecast...YEA!

It's completed and the chairs fit just like I had planned!
I added a light fixture over top and yea... my knock off is perfect!

Another picture...Let the outdoor eating begin!

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