Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kitchen Makeover for $500.00

Taking a traditional OAK kitchen and making it AMAZING for a fraction of the cost!  I used General Finishes Java Stain for this project!  This project is NOT for someone without patients.  It's a huge job but really should make the house worth more money!
The Traditional Oak Kitchen, with mauve ceilings, walls and floors!

Another angle!

This is from the sitting area!
1st. thing I did was take the cabinets off of the wall and raise them to a height that was visually appealing!  I raised them 4 inches which also helped with allowing my appliances to sit under the cabinets (The Vita-mix)!

Another Angle!
Next, I added the first coat of stain.  I used General Finishes Java Gel Stain.  I used 3 coats of stain and 2 coats of Polyurethane.

The Stain I used!
Next, I went to work building the moldings for the top of the cabinets.

Another view!

I measured and made sure everything was level!
Here is a quick picture to show the steps!
Then I kept on staining!  This has two coats of stain and is always NOT very pretty at this stage.  I initially remember freaking out but decided to go do some YOGA to relax:)  After the 3rd coat is applied it totally looks better.

Then 2 coats of Poly and you are done.  I recommend using 3 coats of poly on the doors, this just makes it more durable.

I kept doors off of one section because I like the open cabinetry look!
Some Before and After shots!

Some Before and After Shots

Before & After
I'm SO very pleased with the way this kitchen turned out and I love the durably of keeping the Oak Cabinets and just Up-cycling them

Another view from the sitting area off of the kitchen.

Here is another angle.  You can see I also built an Herb Magnet Board on the side to open some counter space.  I think that was my favorite part.  I LOVE organization.  I hope this helps someone get some ideas and update.

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