Thursday, August 14, 2014

"ROCK IT"...Literally!!

Yea, today I completed a couple day Hard-scape in the front yard.  It's rewarding, but exhausting at the same time.  I went and purchased the rock (hand picked everyone), and lugged them home, truck load at a time.  In all I have over 10,000lbs in 2 days, and moved that 10,000lbs twice so that's 20,000lbs...I call it "Tiffany's ROCK FIT CLASS" Just Joking!  But in all seriousness it's very exciting to have this project finished and the feeling of NOT having to maintain that area is SO exciting I can't even express my excitement. Here is the before and after pictures:)
This really is not a true before picture because I got done weed whacking this before I took the picture.
Love looking at all the stone at the Rock store!

Oh, this is when I REALLY get excited...The hard-scape ideas I have for this slate!  Oh, and they have a really pretty stone called COCO!  LOVED IT!  At this point I'm thinking, "Tiffany walk away from the stone"

So excited looking over to my right and seeing that area all cleaned up!  This Project makes me SMILE:)

In this picture you can just get a glimpse of all the rocks that is needed in this space!

A Pinterest Before/After shot

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