Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jeannene's Green Drink

  This is a shout out to my BFF in Connecticut...Jeannene!  This is her drink of choice and her skin is glowing.  So, maybe we should all drink this every morning.  The only difference in this drink, that is different than the drink she drinks is that I put fresh Wheatgrass in it and not the powdered one (Amazing Grasses Brand).  I'm drinking it now and I must say I LOVE the taste of the Fennel.  LOVE YA GIRLFRIEND and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
This cute kiss is for you:) XOXO!

1 cup fresh organic fennel
1/2 cup fresh Organic Italian Parsley 
 1 Organic green pear
1/4 cup fresh Wheatgrass, or use 1 scoop Amazing Grasses Brand
1 cup organic pear juice
1 tablespoon flax oil or Barlean's Omega oil


Blend in high powered blender or vita-mix and serve.
Jeannene, Wish you were here to go hiking with us or I was there to go to NY:)  Happy Valentine's Day!!

These lips were SO you:)

Everything was covered with a light blanket of snow!  Beautiful!

Lilly's like..."What is taking you so long"!

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