Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pink Lemon Delight

  This smoothie bowl has a ton of greens but it's made with a Pink Lemon to make it a tad tart, but full of lycopene.  A couple little facts about Pink Lemon Trees. 1) They are actually their own variety of lemon tree and not a hybrid. 2) They don't produce as many lemons because they are a little lower in chlorophyll. 3) The flesh is pink from the lycopene (The same compound that colors pink grapefruit).

1 teaspoon spirulina powder
1 cupful Amazing Grasses (Brand) Wheatgrass
1 large handful purple Kale, organic
1 cup spinach, organic
1 green Apple, organic
1 fresh mango, seeded, organic
1 cup mango juice, organic
1/2 cup filtered water
1 tablespoon Barlean's Swirl (Orange)
1 whole organic Pink Lemon, including the rind


Blend all in a high powered blender (vita-mix), serve with slices of pink lemon, sprouted almonds, Chia seeds sprinkled on top.  VIOLA, Fancy pants smoothie bowl! ENJOY!

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