Monday, February 2, 2015

Holly Smoothie Bowl

 I never posted this back at Christmas time, I think I forgot with everything that was going on.  Now, looking back at the pictures I kinda think I was waiting for SNOW.  But, no snow and then days past and I forgot.  So, because of my crazy day today I'm posting this yummy bowl... I'm past wanting the snow now.  But, I'm still paying off Christmas so... What the heck, I'm posting this!  Oh, my humor is SO BAD! Have a great day!
So... I guess this is Christmas in February!

1 cup Kale
1 cup spinach
2 pears
2 celery spears
2 tablespoons Barlean's Swirl (you can use any flavor)
1 tablespoon Flax seed ground


Blend all together and serve.  I used cranberries rolled in Stevia powder. 


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