Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Smoothies

  Today's power packed smoothies are made not only for Heart Heath but to boost weight loss and detoxify the body.  The secret ingredient is Aloe Vera juice, only drink 2 to 4 oz. a day however because you could have side effects otherwise.  Here are some heath benefits to Aloe Vera Juice:
                                     1) Aids in the eliminations of constipation
                                     2) Aids in digestion and helps with stomachaches and heart burn
                                     3) Helps regulate blood sugars
                                     4) DETOXIFIES the BODY and colon
                                     5) HELPS regulate weight loss by increasing metabolic circulation
                                     6) Improves circulation
                                     7) Aids in healing damage to internal tissues
                                     8) Regulates blood pressure
                                     9) Strengthens immune system
                                     10) Retards the growth of cancerous tumors.
                                     11) Helps to reduce inflammation.

My Boy and I enjoyed these!


4 oz Aloe Vera Juice (A picture of the one I used below)
2 cups Organic frozen cherries
1 pint organic raspberries
2 cap fulls of Wheat grass (I had to sneak it
2 tablespoon Barlean's Omega Swirl
1 1/2 cups Organic Dark Cherry Juice
6-10 ice cubes


Blend on high in Via-mix and serve!

This is the one I used because it is what I had in the house, but regular Aloe Juice would work!
Go enjoy the day!

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